Baguio City Campus

baguio city

Located at the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Data Center College of the Philippines – Baguio has been serving the city for almost 3 decades. Offering a wide variety of Courses for it’s constituents, DCCP-Baguio has been committed to become a Center of Education to the Highland Provinces of Benguet, Mt. Province, Ifugao, Kalinga and even the lowlands like La Union, and Pangasinan.

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Inline with it’s Vision and Mission, DCCP-Baguio produced a students who are globally competitor when it comes to skills development. The Education imparted to them molds and become their stepping stone to success.

Baguio Campus is located strategically in Bonifacio Street, Baguio City’s U-Belt, where it resides to a modern 6 story building. The campus composes of most distinguished and trained Faculty¬†who are passionately involved in fulfilling DCCP’s Vision and Mission.

The School is also active in every City’s Activity and Festivities, being a runner-up and Champion of different competitions – to become a student friendly school. This aims the school to become a member of different Associations like Baguio Association of Private Technical-Vocational Institution (BAPTI Inc.), Google Developers Group – Baguio Community (GDG – Baguio) Cordillera Higher Education Sports Athletic Association (CHESAA) for sports which garnered the School’s Athletes their Golds of medals.