About the School


Creating Dreams into Reality


Dreams, a vision of ultimately making a difference… these are the words that can adequately describe the humble beginning of the Data center College of the Philippines.


A small dedicated group of people then set about making this dream into reality. Our school pioneers began the venture in the year 1970 in Davao City. It started with a few classrooms, 1 computer room, and a small reception area crammed into a space more suited for other any business than a learning center. The technological revolution was just infancy and the current rage was the use of the bulky, IBM Computer mainframes. The school was now capable of giving quality instruction in two diverse fields: Computer Programming and Computer Software. The possibilities seemed endless because of the worldwide appeal of commercial programs. Business began using microcomputer operators and a programmer was at upswing and Data Center College of the Philippines tool its cue. The future was in micros and was very willing to invest and be part of that future.

In 1985 Data Center College of the Philippines expanded their operations in Baguio City. They were given opportunity by the Puso ng Baguio Building Administration to lease the area vacated by the next-door neighbors.

Quality education is a double-edge sword. Highly Competent and knowledgeable Instructors coupled with the best facilities and equipment, are the perfect ingredient for a highly quality computer education. After carefully cultivating an image of in dependability for several years. The schools in Baguio City and Laoag City are now reaping the fruits of their labor.

At the start of 1990s with the blessing of Education Department, the Institution started focusing the attention on the government’s call to vocational schools to offer more relevant courses that can help fulfill the vision for the Philippines 2000.

The school in Baguio City decided to leave its comfortable home for the past 22 years to invest on a six-story building that can house the entire organizations in one centralized location. Baguio City operations commenced at the new building located at the very heart of the academic district in 2000 these expansions and calculated moves were accomplished in the first quarter of the decade and its resulted in better service for student and clients alike. Data Center College of the Philippines incorporated new vocational courses to address these needs. The schools in Baguio City, Laoag City, and Bangued, Abra are now offering the seven-month Caregiving courses envisioned to produce abroad. As of now, nurses and caregivers comprise about a third of all manpower being exported by the country to Canada, Australia, and Europe.